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6 Steps to a Strong Forehand

Stop LOSING and develop a WINNING forehand technique!


ANYONE can follow these 6 Simple Steps and step up their game today.


Stop overthinking it and learn the exact motion for a proper forehand shot. 

To be an exceptional tennis player, you need to be well-rounded in all areas, and the forehand shot is a great place to start.


The forehand is the most widely used shot in tennis, and lousy technique will plague your game. Sure, you could get private lessons with a pro to help your forehand, but they’re extremely expensive, and the solution is actually a lot easier than many will tell you.

Perfect the Most Widely Hit Shot in Tennis

What You'll Gain From This Course

  • ​Learn to correctly hit the "loop" motion to gain more topspin on the ball

  • Increase your margin of error with every shot

  • Hit the ball effortlessly to conserve energy while maintaining pace on the ball

  • Easy tricks to help develop consistency in your game

Meet Coach Chris,   Your Instructor

My name is Chris Badulescu, I've been playing tennis for most of my life, and over the last 8 years, I've been coaching kids and adults on the secrets to better technique. I’m certified by the Professional Tennis Registry to teach this advanced forehand technique.


I created this course because I was tired of seeing phony guides online that were way too complicated without showing real results. I break the forehand technique down into simple steps that anyone can learn. Even if you’ve been playing for years, I guarantee you’ll learn something new from this course. 

What My Past Students Are Saying

Nicole G,

Montreal, Canada

“Chris is an amazing teacher! He made learning the forehand much easier by breaking it into smaller parts.  I've gotten much better since taking his course. Thank you!”

Mahesh A.,

Mesa, AZ, USA

“This course is simple and to the point. Chris is a good instructor, and I have enjoyed taking this course and taking private lessons with him. Overall, I recommend this course to anyone who wants to hit a better forehand.”

Iryna K.,

Gilbert, AZ, USA

“From this course, I have learned how to add topspin to my forehand and have gotten rid of my flat shot. My forehand now has a proper low-to-high motion, and I no longer hit so many balls in the net or out.”

Join These Happy Students and Enroll in the Course Today!




includes Forehand Course

Forehand Course includes:


- lifetime access to 30+ videos explaining the forehand shot from the very basics to more advanced topics like how to hit with extreme topspin like Rafael Nadal

- unlimited email access is included so any question you have related to any videos or about tennis in general can be answered promptly


includes Forehand Course1 Shot Analysis

Shot Analysis includes:


send a video of your forehand shot (or any other shot) and receive:


- get shot analysis feedback where each shot is broken down into what was good and what can be improve

- compare your shot to your favorite pro's shot

- get general tips on the main things you need to improve in your shot 



includes Forehand Course + 1 Shot Analysis Service + Consulting Call with Certified Tennis Professional 

Consulting Call includes:


- live breakdown of your shot analysis and feedback

- ask all the tennis questions you may have in a 1-on-1 Video Call with Coach Chris

- get tips on how to step up your game based on your level and playing style

I believe in this course so much that if for some reason you still don’t notice any improvement after following all lectures and course materials, I’ll return 100% of your money, no questions asked.  

  • Why is an MTP membership better than getting a real life tennis coach?
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  • How is joining MTP going to help me?
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  • Who is MTP intended for?
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  • What's different about MTP compared to other online groups and tennis meetups?
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  • How long do I have access to the course?
    Forever! Whenever you need to come back to improve certain movements, the course will be waiting for you.
  • Is this course just for beginners?
    Everyone can gain something from this course and the course is designed to improve the forehand technique of all level players.
  • How long will it take me to improve my forehand?
    As long as you follow all of the lectures and homework assignments, you will make progress. If you practice 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes, you’ll start noticing results quickly.
  • Why is the forehand shot so important in tennis?
    The forehand is the driving force behind the power shots which is why it is the most widely used.

Free Forehand Mini Course

If you're not yet ready for the paid courses,

sign up below for the FREE Fix Your Forehand Video Series and you will:

  • Receive valuable information on how to polish your forehand shot - the most widely used shot in tennis

  • Learn the 5 progressions to go from a flat shot to a consistent, topspin forehand

  • Send us a video of you hitting the forehand shot (or any shot you want to improve) and get personalized feedbackfrom a certified coach

No catch. No Cost. Real Coaching. Real Results.

Personalized feedback only available to first 50 to sign up.


Claim your spot now!!!

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